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Take command of a battalion and join 400 players in a massive WW2 strategy game lasting TWO-MONTHS in real-time. Queue up commands and watch them play out over the day. Collaborate, strategize and relive D-Day like never before.

One battalion won't be enough. You MUST collaborate and perform combined-arms maneuvers to achieve your objectives. Schedule artillery barrages, requisition tank squadrons, perform flanks all by communicating with other players. Advance behind rolling barrages, smoke screens, air cover and more! 

Will you command the U.S. 101st paratroopers? The British Essex Yeomanry artillery regiment? Or the Canadian Fort Garry Horse armoured regiment? There's a role for every play style and every person - Infantry, Armoured, Artillery, Anti-Tank, Headquarters, Intelligence, Engineers, Naval Artillery, Air Support and Logistics. Gain new units and perks as your Battalion gains veterancy. Earn medals and rise through the ranks, eventually earning the right to command other players.

Can't make it to the command tent? The war will go on! Whether you're there or not, the campaign will continue over the course of TWO-MONTHS in REAL-TIME. Queue up commands at the start of the day, check back in later and see how your troops did.

Fight over >30,000km² of detailed geography modelled using real-world geography. Storm the beaches, fight through the bocage, woodland, swamps and towns of Normandy. Capture key roads, intersections and bridges. Use elevation and lay of the land to plan stunning flank attacks or cunning ambushes.

View geo-tagged real historical photos and videos of locations your units encounter. Watch videos of real GI's as they splash ashore on Omaha beach, or photos of British paratroopers neutralizing artillery batteries behind enemy lines. Learn history like never before with 2500+ historical documents.

Made possible by funding from Canada Media Fund & Creative Saskatchewan